Drilling Services

Every unnecessary day you spend drilling your well wastes money. You need a solution that balances your drilling objectives with economic realities. From a fast, durable bit to a rotary steerable service with advanced reservoir navigation capabilities, we’ll make sure you get the drilling answer you need. Drill it, steer it, land it – precisely, safely, smoothly and fast.


Our wireline technology characterizes fractured carbonate, thin-bedded clastic, or shale-gas reservoirs so you can understand the downhole environment to maximize asset value.
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Directional Drilling and Formation Evaluation Quick Reference Guide

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Coiled Tubing and Reentry

Our drilling systems address technology requirements for reentry or slimhole projects. This includes coiled tubing (CT) and through-tubing rotary drilling applications.

Directional Drilling Services

Our directional drilling services ensure precise wellbore placement with faster ROP in all applications: from land and shallow-water environments to extended-reach and deepwater drilling.

Logging While Drilling

Our LWD systems offer superior formation evaluation data to maximize reservoir value while drilling. LWD sensors deliver wireline quality petrophysical data and address directional drilling, formation evaluation, and geosteering applications. Our tools will help you gather reservoir information, enhance drilling performance, and optimize well placement.

Measurement While Drilling

MWD measurements that are transmitted from downhole to surface enable you to make reliable wellbore decisions with less NPT.  These measurements include directional surveys, natural gamma ray, drilling dynamics, temperature, and annular pressure.

Reservoir Navigation Services

You can depend on our Reservoir Navigation Services (RNS) to drill and geosteer complex high-angle and horizontal wells. Our precise, real-time drilling capabilities and advanced formation evaluation technologies are complemented by dynamic, interactive software and experienced RNS supervisors offering expert advice. This fit-for-purpose, multidisciplinary approach reduces NPT and maximizes production by keeping your wellbore in the pay zone.