BHI OnTrack Integrated MWD and LWD


Reduce drilling cost and risk with accurate wellbore placement

Our OnTrack™ integrated MWD and LWD system offers you a better understanding of the actual well position by taking measurements close to the bit. Positional certainty is increased further when MWD measurements are combined with near-bit inclination from our AutoTrack™ rotary closed-loop system, avoiding expense remedial directional work.

With reliable mud-pulse telemetry, our OnTrack MWD service offers real-time downhole measurements from a single sub. These measurements include:

  • Directional surveys
  • Temperature
  • Azimuthal gamma ray
  • Propagation resistivity
  • Annular pressure
  • Vibration

The OnTrack service is compatible with all our LWD services.

Maximize production with effective reservoir navigation

To make steering decisions and optimally place the well, our reservoir navigation engineers identify bed boundaries and formation dips using gamma ray images. They spot approaching bed boundaries early with low-frequency resistivity measurements looking deep into the formation. With high-frequency resistivity measurements they can see thin beds and fluid contacts in superior vertical resolution.

When coupled with our AutoTrack system, steering decisions can be executed rapidly and precisely to maximize your reservoir exposure and future production.

Get more real-time information

Our aXcelerate™ high-speed mud-pulse and wired pipe telemetry service can be combined with the OnTrack™ service and all other LWD services for a clearer picture of the downhole environment. This allows you to drill farther, faster, and safer.

LithoTrak Bulk Density and Neutron Porosity
Even under challenging borehole conditions, you can be confident we’re offering the industry’s most accurate porosity measurements.
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