Schlumberger Slim Pulse GR+Resistivity

The retrievable SlimPulse* third-generation slim measurements while drilling tool provides cost-effective solutions in high efficiency drilling environments. It was designed for reliability and efficiency in real-time directional performance. SlimPulse components use the same reliable and proven technology developed for the existing PowerPulse* MWD telemetry system and IMPulse* integrated MWD platform.

Using servo technology for mud pulse telemetry, the SlimPulse tool provides direction, inclination, tool face and gamma ray measurements in real time. Servo technology benefits include a fast data rate, strong signal and superior anti-jamming capabilities for reliable data transmission in difficult drilling conditions. Continuous direction and inclination measurements are made while drilling to facilitate trajectory control and reduce stationary survey measurements. Telemetry data automatically switches between a “sliding frame” and a “rotating frame” to optimize update rates for improved trajectory control.

The tool is operable in a wide variety of environments and fits in collar sizes from 21⁄2 to 91⁄2 in. Flow rate operating range varies from 35 to 1200 gal/min. The entire tool is fully retrievable and replaceable, which saves rig time by eliminating pipe trips for directional equipment.

SlimPulse tools can be upgraded to operate in temperatures as great as 350°F [177°C]; the designers capitalized on experience gained on previous generation tools operating 15,000 hr in temperatures above 300°F [149°C].

The system can be combined with the ARC475* 43⁄4-in. drill collar resistivity tool, the AIM* At-Bit Inclination Measurement tool, the APWD* Annular Pressure While Drilling service and the PowerDrive* rotary steerable system. Combining SlimPulse and AIM services provides precision trajectory control in hole sizes as small as 57⁄8 in. and inclination data within 1 ft. of the bit while maintaining the retrievability of the SlimPulse MWD system. This information is transmitted via electromagnetic telemetry to an integrated receiver sub positioned above the downhole motor. The integrated receiver sub contains an optional pressure sensor to monitor equivalent circulating densities to enhance the drilling process.

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