Logging While Drilling

Maximize your reservoir with LWD solutions

Our LWD systems offer superior formation evaluation data to maximize reservoir value while drilling. LWD sensors deliver wireline quality petrophysical data and address directional drilling, formation evaluation, and geosteering applications. Our tools will help you gather reservoir information, enhance drilling performance, and optimize well placement.

Gamma services are probe-based or collar-mounted with our MWD service. Gamma-ray sensors detect lithology changes.

Resistivity services are offered through our OnTrak™ system, delivering comprehensive evaluation of formation and near-bore environments.

Our LithoTrak™ system offers accurate nuclear measurements and formation-density images. Real-time azimuthally sectored bulk density and neutron-porosity measurements are designed for integration within rotary steerable drilling systems.

Magnetic resonance services offer a lithology-independent porosity measurement while drilling through our MagTrak™ system, quantifying fluids occupying pore space into fractions that contribute to production and fractions that do not. MagTrak measurements aren’t affected by formation, borehole, or near-borehole environment. Except for hydrocarbon effect, environmental corrections are not required.

Formation pressures services offer real-time measurements of formation pressure while drilling. Our TesTrak™ system determines reservoir fluids mobility, optimizing the acquisition period and minimizing the total time required to accurately measure formation pressure. This minimizes NPT.

Imaging services offer high-resolution images for geological and structural classification, sedimentary analysis, and steering. The AziTrak™ system, LithoTrak system, OnTrak system, and StarTrak™ system improve imaging for reduced drilling risk.

Acoustic service is offered via SoundTrak™ technology, which integrates advanced downhole acoustic technology into our existing modular tool design and runs with many formation evaluation service levels.

Our Reservoir Navigation Services use real-time LWD formation evaluation sensors with directional data and formation models to properly target your drilling assembly. This ensures optimal entry to maintain the wellbore in the zone of maximum interest, predicting and avoiding reservoir exit. Azimuthal imaging also is available.

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