B.H LithoTrack Bulk Density and Neutron Porosity

Superior porosity measurements in LWD applications

Our LithoTrack™ service delivers the most accurate LWD porosity measurements under challenging hole conditions. Accuracy of porosity measurement is the critical element in formation evaluation. A single p.u. porosity difference in a large field can cause an error of hundreds of millions of dollars in booking reserves.

The LithoTrack service offers measurement of formation density, neutron porosity, borehole caliper, and formation imaging. Because this is real-time information, you can geosteer the well for maximum reservoir exposure.

Neutron porosity and bulk density are critical for the quantification of hydrocarbons in the reservoir. When used with other formation evaluation measurements, such as gamma ray and resistivity, you can make several determinations. These include type of hydrocarbons, reserves in place, total recoverable hydrocarbons, asset dollar value, and profitability. You can also evaluate water saturation and analyze geological structure using these measurements.

Optimize wellbore stability

You can also generate full, circumferential borehole images that give information about borehole quality, bed boundaries, and structural dip azimuth of the formations being drilled. LithoTrack borehole images and azimuthal density measurements are used in real-time reservoir navigation for accurate wellbore placement in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Any questions about lithology, Pe or photoelectric effect can provide additional lithology information. The LithoTrack azimuthal caliper measurement is used for wellbore stability applications and reduces expensive drilling downtime by managing ECD and drilling parameters.

When combined with acoustic data, the density measurement can be used to generate synthetic seismograms to accurately correlate to seismic. This is important for accurate wellbore placement in areas with high geologic uncertainty. You can combine density with acoustic data to determine rock strength for wellbore stability applications.

The LithoTrack service’s uncompromising accuracy and reliability is designed to operate under 30,000 psi in harsh deepwater environments.

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