Improve investment decisions with accurate subsurface interpretation

For a precise representation of structural complexity and reservoir heterogeneity, RDS geoscientists evaluate and interpret subsurface properties on a basin, field, or well scale.

Comprising expertise in geology, reservoir engineering, formation evaluation, petrophysics, geomechanics, and borehole geophysics, RDS geoscientists specialize in every facet of wireline logging, logging-whiledrilling (LWD), and completions and production analysis. They provide reliable interpretation to increase your understanding of reserves potential and accessibility, optimize well placement, improve completion designs, and keep production flowing.

Reservoir characterization

We have experts in every facet of wireline logging and LWD to assist in image interpretation, play evaluation, mineralogy, core-log integration, and pressure testing and fluid characterization. There’s a better understanding of the geology, geomechanics, petrophysics, and reservoir fluids in multidisciplinary studies or single-well interpretation.

Wellbore positioning

Placing a wellbore in the optimum position for achieving long production intervals is supported by proactive reservoir navigation that begins with an earth model and its relation to the instrument responses used to update the model while drilling.

Geomechanics and pressure management

Our expertise in subsurface geomechanics, pore-pressure analysis, and pressure management optimizes drilling performance by contributing to wellbore stability while operating within the safe mud window. Fracture properties, stimulation, sand control, and subsidence prediction through geomechanical studies support well-completion design.

Production monitoring

In addition to our unique GasView™ and FluidView™ monitoring and production diagnostic services, a full suite of cased hole and production logging analyses are available.

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